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Born in the Bay Area, Will Myers is a California native through and through. He grew up in San Diego and spent a large part of his career in LA working on indie features, commercials and short films, eventually making his way back to the Bay where he now works as a Director / DP with his long time colleague and friend of over 20 years.

His passion for film making was ignited at young age when he started his career as a child actor and quickly fell in love with the creative process. However, his true calling was revealed when he discovered the technical aspects of film making and art of visual story telling, where he was able to transition seamlessly into the realm of cinematography. With an innate eye for composition and lighting, Will honed his craft as a Director of Photography, bringing scenes to life with cinematic flair and emotional depth with a dedication to functionality and curiosity for what’s ahead of the curve. His keen understanding of visual language and ability to evoke mood through imagery earned him recognition and respect within the industry.

"Ever since I can remember, I have always been thinking up new ideas and finding creative ways to bring them to life. As a person who has been pursuing their passions from a young age, having worked at every position from PA to Director, I can proudly say that hard work truly pays off. I have such admiration for the collaboration process and a deep respect for what everyone brings to the table, constantly drawing on my past experiences to look for ways to enhance my approach on every project I work on."

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